PILO is on display

Nothing is up, nothing is down, nothing is right, nothing is wrong.
PILO is three bowls made from different materials and with varying lids. Manufactured from aluminium, brass and stainless steel, they can be rotated and piled up in endless combinations. The series is like Lego for adults, with a focus on tactile feeling and materials.

PILO is on display at Form Design Center in Malmö, where 24 designers and the same number of manufacturers, all based in Skåne, are exhibiting. The Den Nya Kartan (The new map) exhibition is about locally-produced design and manufacture. Designer Stefan Borselius was allocated producer R1 Svarvare. The exhibition is intended to show the potential within the region and that it is entirely possible to both design and manufacture on a local scale.

Exhibition sites:
11/9/15-15/11/15, Form/Design Center, Malmö
4/12/15-14/02/16, National Museum (Kulturhuset), Stockholm
March-May 2016 Vandalorum, Värnamo